Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Gluten Free Sweet Paratha


1 cup Gluten free aata
4 tbsp Almond powder
2 tbsp Clarified butter (ghee)
1/2 cup Dates syrup
2 tbsp Milk
3 tbsp butter


  • Combine ghee, almond powder and ata
  • With the help of hands bring it into a nice crumbly texture so the ata can be nicely covered with ghee

  • Now add in the date syrup and milk
  • Knead it into a nice soft dough

  • Cover it with ghee and leave aside for atleast 20min

  • Divide the dough into equal size balls and roll.

  • Now heat your Skillet (tawa) on medium heat and place paratha on it
  • When you see the color change and its a bit cooked then flip it over and add some butter

  • Let it get crispy from both side and serve hot

I made these for my underweight kids so i tried to increase the calories. If you are calories conscious then use less ghee and butter.

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